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Running Report 15.9.19

Running Report 15.9.19

16 Sep 2019

Shrewsbury Athletic Club athletes have competed in the Harper Scarper 5K Race, the final fixture in the Telford Sexarathon Series at Newport. Jamie Lambie led the side home, capping a remarkable first season in the Telford Series, which saw him rise up the finishing order from 12th in the first race at Lilleshall to 3rd at Newport and 4th overall for the Series. There were other Series podium places for Pete Savill, 1st Veteran Over 65, Ollie Parry, 2nd Veteran Over 35, Kevin Francis 2nd Veteran Over 50, Haydn Jones, 2nd Veteran Over 55, Chris Wakeman, 2nd Veteran Over 60 and Carl Aveyard, 3rd Veteran Over 35.


Harper Scarper Results:

3 Jamie Lambie 15/50(3rd SM), 11 Ollie Parry 16/42(3rd V35), 13 Jake Milovsorov 17/00, 17 Carl Aveyard 17/16, 22 Stewart Farley 17/43, 42 Grant Lloyd 18/59, 44 Kevin Francis 19/06(3rd V50), 49 Haydn Jones 19/22(1st V55), 77 Pete Savill 20/30(1st V65), 81 Simon Cole 20/38, 103 Naomi Cook 21/13(12th Lady, 7th SL), 140 Chris Wakeman 22/35.


A strong squad of fifteen Club runners had a memorable evening at the Ellerdine Effort 5K Race at Telford, where the fast rural course produced six personal best times and four age category victories. Led home by Jamie Lambie in 4th place in a personal best time of 15/24, there were further personal bests for Ollie Parry, Jake Milovsorov, Carl Aveyard, Stewart Farley and Joe Gilling. There were age category victories for Haydn Jones 1st Veteran Over 55, Graham Jones 1st Veteran Over 60, Pete Savill 1st Veteran Over 65 and Grace Hough 1st Lady Veteran Over 70


Ellerdine Results:

4 Jamie Lambie 15/24(PB), 11 Ollie Parry 16/19(PB), 14 Jake Milovsorov 16/30(PB), 18 Carl Aveyard 16/46(PB), 20 Richard Mckenna 16/54, 23 Robert Fox 17/03, 26 Stewart Farley 17/17(PB), 27 Steve Waters 17/31, 28 Joe Gilling 17/44(PB), 34 Graham Jones 18/30(1st Veteran Over 60), 37 Grant Loyd 18/41, 41 Haydn Jones 18/58(1st Veteran Over 55), 47 Pete Savill 19/57(1st Veteran Over 65), 102 Colin Perry 23/34, 197 Grace Hough 32/52(1st Lady Veteran Over 70).


Attention now turns to the cross country season, with the first North Staffs Cross Country League fixture at Winsford on Saturday 28th September and the first North Wales Cross Country League fixture at Wrexham on Saturday 5th October.


Photo courtesy of Gareth Bellamy Sports. Jamie Lambie and Ollie Parry at Ellerdine 5k


Report compiled by Tony Scales